5 Facts of Life…

We all know today life is so fast & no time to read some extra text . But here are some facts which is useful for everyone 

  1. Time waits for none So, being sad one can only waste his time.
  2. Being healthy one can defeat all problems of life without getting tired.
  3. No one can change fate so only do work as your time.
  4. Heart has no tolerance for abnormal behaviour & tension.
  5. Anyone can make himself strong by helping others in their bad times Bcoz no one can forget people helped in bad time.


5 thoughts on “5 Facts of Life…

  1. Hi – or as I should say from China – Ni Hao!
    Thanks for deciding to follow my blog. My postings are not always regular and there is no pattern to them save to say that I try to find subjects that will tell the outside world a little about life in China!
    Wish you well, Herschelian.

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