Dominancy – project 1

Morning 7’o clock 

When on walk tried to go without vehicle upto park ! And feeling happy so observing surrounding properly !

And first of all I saw 

  1. a crowd for live art work .
  2. a film promotion on roadside .
  3. a great exercise control group .
  4. a newly created band group with soft music .
  5. And a children’s group near park enjoying their cycle ride with friends !

And I feel energetic after seeing all this & heard some words about dominance !

And , then as all you know if find of any then internet is best option !

So when I searched , there I saw is the main & important part of post So read carefully !


Here, all you think about as behaviour for suppression of person or team or community !

But need to be check as everyone wants after hearing or getting new things !

What is dominancy ? According to internet !

If you search on any browser or internet there is various answer of meaning in different languages but various way of definition for dominancy !

Bcoz it is differently experienced by everyone in their life !

So, as I think about dominancy I want to share with all of you ! If you will like then plz click like to encourage my thoughts !

According to me , dominancy is

  1.  the ways of dealing with people
  2. the tricks of dealing with situation
  3. & the techniques of dealing with past memory 

Now you all thinking , ( How ? )

So , here is the answer !

  1. The biggest joy is removal of bad people , which is due to dominancy over mind that who cares about those !
  2. The biggest plan is escape from difficult situation !
  3. The biggest creation is present & only possible after forgiving and forgetting past !
  4. And most important making life valuable is only possible after making happiest , self confident person with full of joy and imagination , less knowledge , don’t worry !
  5. Bcoz as Albert Einstein say’s –

  1. So if you have imagination then you got full of joyful movements !

Upcoming post of my is coming before two hour than this post on tomorrow & title is NEW BIRTH OF MY !


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