New Birth Of My….

First of all thanks to everyone for such active response !

And as I mention in my menu button , I need to be regular ! And now special day special post for everyone !

Ya correct guesses about values of valentine day according to culture and ethics !

Today I realize the importance of this day! A new birth of a plant in my garden nearly after no sign of alive !

And when I talk all these with my botanist friend ! He told me a surprising story !

I’m surprised but then thinks he is right !


I know many people heard about this from various sources ! But still need to know with clarification ! Then here I tried to given all with clarification if need some more must be tell me via comments !

So here some clarified thoughts about special day of
NewLife of Nature !

Many thoughts are popular about this day like day of love , day of happiness .

Unique opportunity to travel throughout world gives me knowledge about some Asian ethics about 14th Feb is the day of new birth of nature appeared in new flowers, leaves & plant form like I tell at start of this post !

As title of this post , New Birth Of My… belongs to Garden of thoughts ! Means    New Birth Of My Garden Of Thoughts !


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