And then….

A little gift of poem for such active response to my yesterday’s & past many post ! Thanks to all !

Joy all over , hundreds of gift card & tree I saw in my dream and then…

The work of full day  & jerk of travel I feel whole life and then…

All  speaking of friend & speaking of parents heard whole life and then…

Fight for video games & for food stuff all did with childhood and then….

Making of new art & sharing with friends it’s all did so and then….

Laugh without jokes & feeling happy all the time did in school and then….

The speaking of joke & seeing face of all until anyone laughing and then….

Attending lectures & attending bunk of class both had joy in school and then….

Late night study & last minute reading all did for exam and then….

And then… And then….

 Many thanks & many prank’s we feel in life in most likely manner and then….

As I said here daily posting I started So we will meet tomorrow same time with new thoughts in new style !

And for all followers and readers I want to say thank you first & here not only poem I have to share but many more just visit here daily & believe us you got always special & different on WordPress as I experience from some time !


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