Morning Notifications !

After a long time I’m feeling happy to coming back into active blogging !

  • Many people become easily agree with day starts with slow consciousness, right ?

So, here I explaining whole day with unique way ! Plz read completely before deciding it’s profitable or not !

  1. When we woke up in the morning our mind is like our switch off phone Bcoz of low battery ! 
  2. When we taking tea or coffee, we getting charged ! 
  3. That’s Bcoz most of the people’s talking after morning tea or coffee otherwise they will become frustrating !
  4. After that when we logging in our life for what we done & what we have to done ? 
  5. That time we got many notifications there ! Notifications from life & nature !
  6. Notifications about what ?
  7. Congratulations for past challenges ! Encouragement for future challenges ! And some funny & joyful movement of yesterday will be notified by life !
  8. And after all this our attention goes on notifications given by nature ! 
  9. Blessings from that tree which grow with the help of water gave by you sometimes !
  10. Blessings from that flowers which you like but you didn’t take it Bcoz of your kindness !

    That’s only morning time….. Remaining in upcoming post !

                     To be continued….


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