The Only Thing….

“I know I am late but look still she is busy with someone…. How unlucky I am ?”Roger Whispered sadly”I knew it she never did love with me..”

“Is she is talking with Jack ?”with surprised”Oh yeah that’s my friend Jack….” 

“I have to look from distance what they are doing but I have to be at least in listening area” 

And happily” that bunch of leaves correct place for me, I think”Roger Whispered

And conversation starts between Roger’s Wife (Lina) and Roger’s friend (Jack)

Jack said,”How careless Roger is ? Is he really doesn’t care about you, the beautiful lady? ”

Lina said,”No Jack actually all my fault I fought with him today noon that’s why I am waiting for him..”

Jack said,”Oh come on don’t try to cover him.. I know him well before you he is a coward”

Lina said,” Hey Jack what are you saying he is my….”

Jack said,”What..? What wrong I told about him?” tried to hold her hand but she refused

And with anger”You remember those days when I am madly in love with you and we were togetherly enjoyed many places….” And turned toward Lina “And what about your husband that coward.. he gone any single place with you… ” “Here completed 3 months to your relationship please try to understand” “and forgive me..”with moving closer and she pushed him away

Lina said,”I thought you forgot those days and better if you could..” moved away from him small distance”Coz that was my past you better known with what you did ? And I don’t wanna talk about more.. leave me Roger could come at any time.. and I don’t wanna hurt him more..”

Jack said,”I will come again better if you can change your mind..”

And goes out in hurry…

And that day Roger realised how wrong he was taking Lina 

He was thinking Lina didn’t loved her as he was in a loss those days..

And from that day with new year they started living happily….

And Roger said,

“The Only Thing…. I understand today we should have some faith in a relationship to take it long happily….”

And I think Roger said ABSOLUTELY CORRECT…. And what’s your opinion tell me in comments..


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