The Special Bench….

An Evening Time..

When I was resting on the bench of a garden and noticing things around my new place. Yes I recently came on my friends home for few days as he was always complaining about no time I had to go out without work so we are planning to go out for a short celebration….

And by my luck I got chance to spend some time with nature and children. So I sat there on the bench about which I was unknown that time..

Yeah you’re right that bench had their own story with that place where I was the new one and believe me you never heard such story before..

That benchmark showing how popular that Bench was just seeing upwards got the reason Coz it’s under the tree and really very comfortable one

Also the very different from other Bench so favorite place of being angry and alone

And many more.. Especially when I saw that child’s activity I laughed loudly. Coz he was beside a plant and playing mud and his mom came and said, “no my child it can be painful for you..” and after a while there a boy started playing with mud and he said, “stop my child it can be painful for both of you..” and you know what he is talking about child and a small plant with dropping of some water on plant..

It’s childish but good one we should take care of plants so that they can take care of us by living long and giving long time oxygen….. isn’t it ??


2 thoughts on “The Special Bench….

  1. Correct we should take care of plants and with my I always tried to grow plants coz it’s very important to have plants for adventures into forest
    Yeah I love adventure and I think everyone should try it to know your strength more widely
    So from mine👍👍

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