So you’re going to suicide….?

A person is standing on the terrace of his home and looking down the road , he is started by a tap on his shoulder..

(Story is conversation between Arun and Unknown )

Title :-

So you’re going to suicide..?

Unknown:- So you’re going to suicide….?
Unknown:- Good go ahead , it’s good for you to be free from taunts and sayings of the world who doesn’t bother about you or living of you..( with an teasing smile )
Go ahead , it’s good for them also who madly , deeply in love with you at least they know how fake your love is..?
Arun :- Who the hell you are ?
And what you know about me and my life ?
Unknown :- Typical questions.. (smiling face)
My life , my problems the different one , unique one..
Arun :- (looking angrily)
Unknown :- Hey brother wake up and see the world full of difficulties.
One minute but how can you do that ? How can I challenge you for ?
Arun :- Why ? Why not ? What’s your challenge ? Tell me , tell me now I’m ready for it..
Unknown :- Then live the life happily , face the problems with smiling face. And also don’t forget to care for those who did lot for you and you forgot it with time and became an selfish person.
Arun :- What ? Who is the selfish ?
And okay ? Why not , who cares about my problems , Everyone’s happy life ?
Unknown :- Are you sure with this ? Have you tried to find their ?
Unknown :- Anyway , why are you wasting your precious time , take my challenge or accept you’re loser and jump off now..
Arun :- No, I’m not a loser.. I will prove it to you and whole world soon.. Now I cancelled my plan of suicide..
Unknown :- Okay means after some days again you’re coming back.. I’m waiting..
Arun :- Don’t waste your time , I will never ever not for a single moment think about suicide again..
( Unknown disappearance with smiling face and then Arun turned back and found no one..)


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